Unnamed and Unbiased


Architecture disappears into Nature _ HyeJung Hwang
Nature pervades life _ YoungSun Chung
unnamed house
unbiased garden
Contemplation and Witnessing _ Min Seong
JongOh Kim’s photograph _ Seung, H-Sang
unnamed house ..spring..summer..autumn..winter..
unbiased garden ..spring..summer..autumn..winter..
On the threshold _ JongOh Kim



As its name, ‘unnamed house’ implies, MoHeon has no name, hence is of no existence. SaYaWon means the garden of unbias and moderation.
For the recent several years, architectural photographer JongOh Kim has focused his lens on MoHeon and SaYaWon. Taking photos of the two gardens was like going through a very special ritual. He felt like he was walking into a pristine world, away from the city full of people and the by-products of civilization. Each moment overwhelmed him with admiration and appreciation. Each capture is a reflection not only of the precious moment when he was standing there, but also the emotion he experienced at that very moment.
Neither enchanting details nor special techniques seem to have been applied to the garden of MoHeon. However, it has come to embrace all in nature full of simplicity and depth, and with distinctive four season changes.
Kim’s photos will lead us to a calm and comfortable journey to the two humble gardens, soothing our emotions and setting aside eye-catching sensationalism.


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