Trevo House (C3 no.415)


Trevo House _ Double (O) Studio

C3 no.415 / pp.174-191 (18 pages)



Trevo House _ Double (O) Studio

Aroeira, Portugal, 2020

Concrete monolith with three geometrical lobes
In Aroeira, a district on the southern edge of the Lisbon conurbation, a two-story concrete house called the Trevo House (Trefoil House) rises like an incised drum from sandy terrain in a cleared patch of pine forest. The form is effectively a trefoil, in which three lobes radiate from a central hexagonal atrium hall with stairs. Each lobe incorporates a 9m-deep circular void, as well as the adjoining hexagonal rooms and the exterior. These voids open to the sky above create patios. On the upper floor, bathrooms adjoin the hexagonal bedrooms and cantilever out to circular arcs of perimeter wall. […]