[Essay] Thresholds between Landscape and Architecture (C3 no.414)


Herbert Wright

C3 no.414 / pp.84-89 (6 pages)



Thresholds between Landscape and Architecture _ Herbert Wright

Now that most of humanity is urban, most architecture has an urban context, but architecture has been produced continuously in a natural landscapes since prehistory.
Here, we consider the interaction between architecture and the various elements that characterise any landscape spatially and give it texture — its topography, geology and vegetation. The sky, although immaterial, also de nes landscape. Weather makes the experience of landscape multi-sensory and animates it, sometimes dramatically, and it
delivers a fundamental component in architectural design — natural light. […]


McNeal 020 _ Atelier David Telerman
Chapel and Meditation Room _ Studio Nicholas Burns
Majara Residence on the island of Hormuz _ ZAV Architects
Yangliping Performing Arts Center _ Studio Zhu-Pei