[Essay] The Corporate Drive to be in Good Shape (C3 no.412)


Herbert Wright

C3 no.412 / pp.56-61 (6 pages)



The Corporate Drive to be in Good Shape _ Herbert Wright

Structure is a form of corporate communication. When big corporations commission architecture, the design they approve meets a brief shaped by the corporate agenda, which is based on their desire to survive and prosper in a competitive, capitalist marketplace. Can we read the specifics of their agenda in the structure and form of the buildings? The architecture may be authentic, for example with form following function, which matches the corporate desire for efficiency. It may be tectonic, introducing disruption into structure, which may signal that a corporation needs to adapt to significant changes in the nature of work or in the marketplace. Finally, it may be aesthetic, because aesthetics effect the happiness of the workforce and the outward appearance of the building, which may also serve to project a corporate image. […]


Hyundai Motor Group Gyeongju Campus _ MPART Architects
The Financial Park _ Helen & Hard
Axel Springer Campus _ OMA
Le Monde Group Headquarters _ Snøhetta