Señor de Tula Sanctuary (C3 no.414)


Dellekamp/Schleich + AGENdA

C3 no.414 / pp.208-221 (14 pages)


Señor de Tula Sanctuary _ Dellekamp/Schleich + AGENdA

Morelos, México, 2020

A new brick-vaulted church helps restore community worship
Señor de Tula Sanctuary is a historical center of worship with more than five centuries of history and listed status. The logistics of design, management and construction had to be carried out in record time: more than 20 actors were involved in the decision-making process including the INAH (the national heritage institute), INFONAVIT, the municipal authority, state and federal governments, civil associations, neighborhood groups, the diocese and other ecclesiastical authorities. […]