Revitalization of Prague Riverfront Area (C3 no.409)


Petr Janda/Brainwork

C3 no.409 / pp.14-27 (14 pages)


Revitalization of Prague Riverfront Area _ Petr Janda / Brainwork

Oporto, Portugal, 2020

New urban activity is generated by the contemporary rehabilitation of historic quayside spaces
Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is built on the river Vltava. Its historic waterfronts have two levels — the street, and stretches of disused quays below them. The area was deserted after the 2002 floods and used as a car park. Since 2009, Petr Janda and his practice Brainwork have led a program of cultural and social revival and architectural rehabilitation at the quay level. […]