[Essay] Producing Alone Together (C3 no.413)


Nina Rappaport

C3 no.413 / pp.10-13 (4 pages)



Producing Alone Together _ Nina Rappaport

In this global Covid-19 pandemic, local urban manufacturing’s relevance is intensified because of the crisis production and distribution, corresponding in an unpredictable rise and fall seen across various industries. With an urgency for factories to be close to both their supply chain and their customers for the quickest possible response for medical and personal protective gear, manufacturers maneuvered their workforces and factories to the new international emergency. A scarcity of general household supplies such as toilet paper and cleaning products because of outsourced manufacturing and supply chain disruptions showed the fragility of the industrial commons. Prior to Covid-19 some cities had initiated efforts to reestablish urban manufacturing in a sustainable and profitable way, recognizing that local production is essential to empower and support the workforce. This movement manifests itself in what I call ‘vertical urban factories,’ which offered the potential for mixed uses, dispersed production, and educational innovation centers. […]