Naturkraft (C3 no.409)


Thøgersen & Stouby + SLA

C3 no.409 / pp.154-165 (12 pages)


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Naturkraft _ Thøgersen & Stouby + SLA

Ringkøbing, Denmark, 2020

A nature-themed attraction includes a transparent building in a ring of embankment encircling an eco-park
An iconic circular mound gives Naturkraft, a major new environmental leisure facility, visibility across the flat coastal landscape of Ringkøbing, on the western side of Jutland, Denmark. This artificial topographical feature is a new embankment shaped like a crater ring, in which Naturkraft’s main building is integrated. Costing 300 million DKK (US$ 45 million), Naturkraft is described as an exploratorium and nature arena which shows the fundamental importance of nature for humanity. […]