Nankai University Haibing Center (C3 no.415)


Nankai University Haibing Center _ Vector Architects

C3 no.415 / pp.122-139 (18 pages)



Nankai University Haibing Center _ Vector Architects

Tianjin, China, 2019

Responding to water on campus
Nankai is a central district in the city of Tianjin and the university named after it is one of China’s most prestigious. Its new addition, the Haibing Center, is a multi-functional building designed by Beijing-based Vector Architects. The site is flanked by small, artificial bodies of water with very different atmospheres. On the east side is Horseshoe Lake, on the central axis of the original campus dating from 1919, and the west side faces the Xinkai Lake, excavated during campus expansion after the establishment of the People’s Republic. Both lakes reflect a rich sociopolitical and cultural legacy. In and around the building grow a large quantity of trees. Amidst these are the remnants of a large dining hall built in 1952, which is enclosed by red brick walls and a shallow vaulted roof. […]