[Essay] Living along the Terrain (C3 no.409)


Anastasija Spasovska

C3 no.409 / pp.166-171 (6 pages)



Living along the Terrain: New Rural Domesticity _ Anastasija Spasovska

Nature has always been a driving force in design. Similarly, architecture’s relationship to nature has always been a reflection of the zeitgeist. Increasing threats of climate change and the rise of societal eco awareness has deeply changed the way we design, construct and operate buildings today. With people migrating out of dense urban areas into rural landscapes and remote areas on the globe, the single family domestic model showcases varying examples of nature-forward design. […]


Hourglass Corral  DECA Architecture
House in the Hills  Sean Godsell Architects
House in Los Vilos  Office of Ryue Nishizawa
House in Sardinia  Stera Architectures