Les Hallates (C3 no.416)


Les Hallates _ STERENN Architectes + APAW

C3 no.416 / pp.92-105 (14 pages)



Les Hallates _ STERENN Architectes + APAW

Le Havre, France, 2019

Cantilevers and garden create distinctive housing for seniors
Les Hallates is a residential home for elderly people situated in Le Havre, Normandy, France. It provides twenty-six apartments adapted for senior living. The site, which sits at the center of its district, had been occupied by a pre-existing residential home which was no longer fit for purpose and had been demolished. Les Hallates offers continuity in terms of housing provision, but also augments the experience by providing medical offices and communal use rooms, offering a mix of services for residents in close proximity to where they live. […]