[Essay] Irregular Mid-Size Housings (C3 no.416)


Phil Roberts

C3 no.416 / pp.46-51 (6 pages)



Irregular Mid-Size Housings _ Phil Roberts

When clients want to build medium-size, multi-unit residential housing, they often seek the perfect site. The thinking of a wise businessperson would be to find the site that will maximize profits by attracting the target market to their project. Preferably, they would seek a perfectly square or rectangular site. Something usual. Something regular. However, architects should remind their clients that building for density using mid-size housing can be done successful even on an unusual site. Yes, they may be oddly shaped, and even trapezoidal. Something unusual. Something irregular. […]


81-87 Weston Street _ Allford Hall Monaghan Morris
São Bento Residences _ Pedra Líquida
Schlossgarten Residential Complex _ Architekten Marx/Ladurner
Les Hallates _ STERENN Architectes + APAW
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