Hyundai Motor Group Gyeongju Campus (C3 no.412)


MPART Architects

C3 no.412 / pp.62-81 (20 pages)



Hyundai Motor Group Gyeongju Campus _ MPART Architects

Gyeongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do, 2020

Horizontal volumes float above a training campus between mountain and sea
On the southern edge of the Korean coastal city of Gyeongju, the Hyundai Motor Group have brought together two training facilities on a hilly site of 124,957㎡ which is 30m above the sea to the east and south, with the low end of the Taebaek Mountain range to the north and west. Seoul-based architects MPART have designed a 73,361㎡ building of horizontal volumes, with two floors of educational space and two floors of accommodation. Inside the lower floors, only an angular staircase and a spiral staircase break the strict orthogonality of the architecture. […]