House of Knowledge in Gällivare (C3 no.412)



C3 no.412 / pp.160-173 (14 pages)



House of Knowledge in Gällivare _ Liljewall

Gällivare, Sweden, 2020

The patterns of indigenous people shape a major Swedish school
In 2012, open pit mining caused a huge hole to open up in Malmberget, in northern Sweden, rendering the town uninhabitable. Much of it relocating to the neighboring town of Gällivare, where Gothenberg-based architects Liljwall have used the mine as one of the inspirations for Gällivare’s new central school building including adult education, called Kunskapshuset (House of Knowledge). Local flora is another
design inspiration, but the main one is the patterns of the region’s indigenous people, the Sami. […]