[Essay] Local Identity and Community Buildings (C3 no.414)


Miquel Adrià

C3 no.414 / pp.160-165 (6 pages)



Local Identity and Community Buildings _ Miquel Adrià

The enormous variety of architecture produced in the last century was reduced to functionalism and organicism. Although some authors, such as Kenneth Frampton or William Curtis tried to correct the absences, everything that was left out of the basically European and American mainstream, was labeled as ‘regionalist’ or, worse still, ‘touristically interesting’. However, already in the 21st century to a large extent, local identity has been expressed with increasing force, especially in those buildings of a collective nature that recognize their social function and are at the service of the community. […]


The PAMS Healthcare Hub Newman _ Kaunitz Yeung Architects
Anandaloy Building _ Studio Anna Heringer
Iguana Athletic Center _ Studio Saxe
El Higuerón Park and Community Center _ Dellekamp/Schleich + AGENdA
Señor de Tula Sanctuary _ Dellekamp/Schleich + AGENdA
Halles du Scilt _ Dominique Coulon & Associés