[Essay] “Enlarging the mind”, adding space on campus (C3 no.415)


Anna Roos

C3 no.415 / pp.082-087(6 pages)



“Enlarging the Mind”, broadening horizons, adding space on campus _ Michèle Woodger

The university campus is more than an agglomeration of buildings, or a site for gaining qualifications: it is a total environment for living, and a pedagogical tool in its own right. Digital technologies and modern higher education requirements oblige campuses to adapt to continue to serve the student body, academic research and neighbouring communities. For established universities, this must go hand in hand with a celebration of the university’s legacy, including its built history. […]


MOME Campus and Creative Innovation Knowledge Park _ 3h architects
Façade Building and Covered Courtyard – Extension of East Campus, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile _ Arquitectura DESE UC
Nankai University Haibing Center _ Vector Architects