[Essay] Cool Concrete: two approaches, five houses (C3 no.415)


Anna Roos

C3 no.415 / pp.140-145(6 pages)



Cool Concrete: two approaches, five houses _ Anna Roos

“There is no reason to design buildings that are more basic and rectilinear, because with concrete you can cover almost any space.” – Oscar Niemeyer There are few materials that evoke such a visceral reaction as concrete does. Architects have a boundless affinity to concrete; they love it for its versatility and plasticity. Laypeople find it soulless often for its coldness and hardness. Love it or loathe it, concrete has played a vital role in architecture for the past century. Post-war architects, like Le Corbusier and Oscar Niemeyer embraced it due to the speed with which they could erect buildings and due to its inexpensiveness. Today architects continue to choose concrete due to its expressive power and intensity and due to the fact that it gives them ultimate design freedom. […]


Celina House _ TAM – Guillermo Elgart
Earth House _ Tomohiro Hata Architect and Associates
Trevo House _ Double (O) Studio
Residence in Euboea _ Tense Architecture Network
LBS House _ Umberto Bonomo + Felipe Alarcón