[Essay] Constructing Visitor Experience (C3 no.413)


Gihan Karunaratne

C3 no.413 / pp.68-73 (6 pages)



Visitor Centers: Almost, Yet More Than, Being There _ Gihan Karunaratne

Ruskin and Morris’ theories in preservation and conservation continue to lead and influence preservation of cultural heritage sites, in conjunction with the principles that architecture advocates national and cultural knowledge.
Increase and availability of economical travel with greater access to unspoilt historical heritage sites, from areas of natural outstanding beauty to places of cultural interests, visitor centers are fundamental in providing passage towards a particular cultural resource.
It is an introduction and a portal to an attraction, as well as curating the visitor experience and encompassing its context.
Visitor center typologies are made of multi functional arrangements and facilities which enhance visitors experience. […]


Elephant World _ Bangkok Project Studio
Penguin Parade Visitor Centre _ TERROIR
Cradle Mountain Visitor Centre _ Cumulus Studio
Yunyang Riverfront Visitor Center _ Atelier Deshaus
Jingdezhen Imperial Kiln Museum _ Studio Zhu-Pei