Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts (C3 no.411)


Barozzi Veiga

C3 no.411 / pp.194-209 (16 pages)


Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts _ Barozzi Veiga

Lausanne, Switzerland, 2019

A monolithic museum separates rail lines and new public space
The Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts occupies a long monolithic, rectilinear brick-clad volume in Lausanne, a city in the Swiss canton of Vaud. Designed by Barcelona-based Barozzi Veiga, it is the anchor building of Plateforme 10, the city’s new art district, which was masterplanned by the same architect. The 6,895m2 museum has a rectangular form 147.6m long and 22m deep, stretching alongside the district’s long new public plaza, where two other new museums gravitate. […]