C3 Digital no.415 (2021-5/6)


Earth, Water, Air, Fire and COP26 _ Herbert Wright

New Projects
Sand cast concrete creates a narrow, stacked art facility in Bahrain
..Green Corner Building _ Studio Anne Holtrop
A Victorian photograph inspires a new teahouse preserving a relic
..Fuzhou Teahouse _ Neri & Hu Design and Research Office
  Interview _ Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu + Herbert Wright

SANAA and Gehry in transformation
SANAA and Gehry in urban transformation and restoration _ Silvio Carta
An arts campus is centered by a sparking tower inspired by Van Gogh
..The Tower at LUMA Arles _ Gehry Partners, LLP
Undulating glass transforms a great Paris department store
..La Samaritaine _ SANAA + SRA Architectes + Lagneau Architectes + François Brugel Architectes Associés

“Enlarging the mind”, adding space on campus
“Enlarging the Mind”, broadening horizons, adding space on campus _ Michèle Woodger
New volumes and an underground spine connect a remodeled campus
..MOME Campus and Creative Innovation Knowledge Park _ 3h architects
  Interview _ Zsolt Gunther + Michèle Woodger
Material and dimensional sympathy
..Façade Building and Covered Courtyard – Extension of East Campus, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile _ Arquitectura DESE UC
  Interview _ Fernando Pérez Oyarzun and José Quintanilla Chala + Michèle Woodger
Responding to water on campus  

..Nankai University Haibing Center _ Vector Architects

Cool Concrete, morphing and adapting form
Cool Concrete: two approaches, five houses _ Anna Roos
Creative use of levels exploits a sloping site to generate maximum space
..Celina House _ TAM – Guillermo Elgart
A house of topographical layers
..Earth House _ Tomohiro Hata Architect and Associates
  Interview _ Tomohiro Hata + Anna Roos
Concrete monolith with three geometrical lobes

..Trevo House _ Double (O) Studio
Views are maximized in a floating triangular form
..Residence in Euboea _ Tense Architecture Network
A striking response to the dramatic Chilean coast
..LBS House _ Umberto Bonomo + Felipe Alarcón



C3 no.415 (2021-5/6)