C3 Digital no.414 (2021-4/6)


Politicising the 15-minute city _ George Kafka

New Projects
Materiality anchors new public space in Corsican territory
..Mantinum Intervention _ Buzzo Spinelli Architecture
  Interview _ Isabelle Buzzo and Jean-Philippe Spinelli + Silvio Carta

Robust, rectilinear structure brings green space into a school
..Léonard de Vinci High School _ COSA + TANK
The Netherlands’ largest courtroom is transparent and accessible
..Courthouse Amsterdam _ KAAN Architecten
Montreal’s redesigned Biodome as an immersive living museum
..Montreal Biodome _KANVA

Thresholds between Landscape and Architecture
Thresholds between Landscape and Architecture _ Herbert Wright
An inverted pyramid space hosts an underground pavilion
..McNeal 020 _ Atelier David Telerman
..Interview _ David Telerman + Michèle Woodger

A chapel draws energy from natural surroundings in Portugal’s hills
..Chapel and Meditation Room _ Studio Nicholas Burns
..Interview _ Nicholas Burns + Michèle Woodger

Colored domes cluster create an Iranian tourist resort
..Majara Residence on the island of Hormuz _ ZAV Architects
..Interview _ Golnaz Bahrami + Herbert Wright

Topography and Yin and Yang emerge from a floating roof
..Yangliping Performing Arts Center _ Studio Zhu-Pei

Local Identity and Architecture
Local Identity and Community Buildings _ Miquel Adrià
Rammed earth brings healthcare to Australian aboriginal communities
..The PAMS Healthcare Hub Newman _ Kaunitz Yeung Architects
A mixed-use center of mud construction in rural Bangladesh
..Anandaloy Building _ Studio Anna Heringer
Tropical jungle reaches into a fitness and wellbeing complex
..Iguana Athletic Center _ Studio Saxe
Green public space is integrated into a community center
..El Higuerón Park and Community Center _ Dellekamp/Schleich + AGENdA
A new brick-vaulted church helps restore community worship
..Señor de Tula Sanctuary _ Dellekamp/Schleich + AGENdA
..Interview _ Derek Dellekamp and Jachen Schleich + Silvio Carta
A repurposed historic hall anchors a cultural center
..Halles du Scilt _ Dominique Coulon & Associés



C3 no.414 (2021-4/6)