C3 no.412 (2021-2/6)


The necessary redensification of social housing and its replicability _ Miquel Adrià

New Projects
The Möbius strip inspires a looping structure enclosing a lakeside cultural complex
..Suzhou Bay Cultural Center _ Christian de Portzamparc
  Interview _ Christian de Portzamparc + Herbert Wright
Water and forest inspire surfaces in a large linear spa building
..Aquaticum Waterpark _ BORD Architectural Studio

The Corporate Drive to be in Good Shape
The Corporate Drive to be in Good Shape _ Herbert Wright
Horizontal volumes float above a training campus between mountain and sea
.Hyundai Motor Group Gyeongju Campus _ MPART Architects
A bank builds a headquarters of structural timber
..The Financial Park _ Helen & Hard
..Interview _ Njål Undheim + Herbert Wright

Terraced floors within an atrium create a vast digital media workplace
..Axel Springer Campus _ OMA
A translucent sculptural volume houses media workers over a wide arch
..Le Monde Group Headquarters _ Snøhetta

Learning within Location and Place
Learning within Location and Place _ Heidi Saarinen
Under a green roof, a primary school creates angular forms in the landscape
..Dante Broglio Primary School _ Claudio Lucchin & Architetti Associati

  Interview _ Claudio Lucchin + Silvio Carta
The patterns of indigenous people shape a major Swedish school
..House of Knowledge in Gällivare _ Liljewall
Sports and wellbeing are at the heart of a school complex 
..Gloggnitz School Complex _ Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes
Concrete frames wooden buildings in an eco-sensitive school complex
Les Vergers School _ Sylla Widmann Architectes
A Mexican after-school complex provides safety for learning, play and growth
..Boys and Girls Club _ CCA Centro de Colaboración Arquitectónica
Three linked volumes of classrooms extend a school in Ecuador
..UEPM Quito Classrooms _ Espinoza Carvajal Arquitectos



C3 no.412 (2021-2/6) 

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C3 no.412 (2021-2/6)




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