C3 no.408 (2020-4/6)


Tourism, Architecture and New Normality _ Fabrizio Leoni

New Projects
A dilapidated Bavarian farmhouse is refurbished to continue its narrative as a contemplative space
..Schedlberg, Contemplation House _ Peter Haimerl . Architektur
Cultural facilities and housing units in Barcelona converted from an old industrial building
..Fabra & Coats _ Roldán + Berengué, arquitectes
British school unconventionally combining sports and science departments in a linear volume
Brighton College Sports and Science Building _ OMA / Ellen van Loon

Defending Density
Defending Density in the Year of Social Distancing _ Richard Ingersoll
S-shaped residential building with four different layers responds to the Milan urban context
..Carlo Erba Residence _ Eisenman Architects + Degli Esposti Architetti + AZstudio
New loft apartments in Rotterdam atop a historical quay warehouse interlayered with gigantic steel structure
..Fenix I _ Mei architects and planners
Monolithic concrete residentials accompanied by a cohesive repertoire of surfaces in north-eastern Nantes
..Bottière Chénaie Housing Complex _ KAAN Architecten
A new residential complex designed to engage the community on the former brewery site in Brooklyn
..Denizen Bushwick _ ODA

Kindergarten; Being Flexible, Being Safe
Being Flexible, Being Safe _ Paula Melâneo
Tent-like concrete space for kids with public underground car park in the northern Swiss town of Würenlingen
..Kindergarten Würenlingen _ Malte Kloes Architekten + Estrada Reichen Architekten

A nursery and community center in Cambridge characterized by patterned brickwork and sheltered courtyard
..Storey’s Field Center and Eddington Nursery _ MUMA

A kindergarten belonging to a Parisian social housing reveals its materiality with wooden structure
..O6A Lot Kindergarten _ sam Architecture + Querkraft

Japanese kindergarten with bubble-like plan provides wide visibility of the children’s instinctive movements
..MUKU Nursery _ Tezuka Architects

“Be Water, my friend”
“Be Water, my friend” _ Diego Terna
A pool with a gabion walled rectilinear building in the Canadian civic park involves an eco-filtration process
..Borden Park Natural Swimming Pool _ gh3* architecture

A water park near Paris defined by transparent and geometric dome with walkable winding paths
..Water Park Aqualagon _ Ferrier Marchetti Studio

Tetrahedral volumes of roof covering Slovenian wellness complex are harmonized with the surroundings
..Termalija Family Wellness _ ENOTA



C3 no.408_20 #4/6

New Projects

Defending Density
Defending Density in the Year of Social Distancing _ Richard Ingersoll

The four projects featured in this section of C3 show a variety of ways of achieving density while maintaining the social life of the city. When a city is too dense it become alienating, and civic life declines; when the density is low, people tend not to share aspects of their lives.
In two cases the projects contain intriguing work spaces that enlivens the social spaces. If sustainability requires not only technical reduction of energy use, perhaps more importantly sustainability is a social prospect, one that in these projects has been successfully implemented.

Kindergarten; Being Flexible, Being Safe
Being Flexible, Being Safe _ Paula Melâneo

In contemporary life, kindergartens and schools are spaces where toddlers and young children stay for an important amount of their daily life. The time they spend there, together with daycare staff, should be quality time; where they are protected but also have freedom in their movements and where parents trust they can safely leave their kids.
In fast-changing times, flexibility is a key characteristic in the design response. The designed structure should be able to answer directly to local communities’ different contexts and needs, and to follow transformations or modifications required by new education standards.
Only then, will the built infrastructure be qualified to act as a community subsidiary.

“Be Water, my friend”
“Be Water, my friend” _ Diego Terna

The element water is a typical “partner” of architecture: it amplifies its meanings, as in a game of reflections, but it is also capable of dampening its formalisms, of making the built space more joyful.
Water, as game, brute force, surprise, allows us to build shimmering works, renewed continuously, precisely by exploiting the water itself: they become frozen waterfalls, luminous caves, rhythmic accompaniments of flows; they fulfill one of Bruce Lee’s most famous suggestions: Be water, my friend.

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