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Zaha Hadid: The Legacy of a Star _ Silvio Carta + Marta González
– Salerno Maritime Terminal _ Zaha Hadid Architects

Poetic and Practical Possibilities
Wood – Poetic and Practical Possibilities _ Susanne Kennedy
– ICD / ITKE Research Pavilion 2015 -16 _ ICD + ITKE + University of Stuttgart
– New Maggie’s Cancer Center in Manchester _ Foster + Partners
– Around Pavilion _ Christiansen Andersen
– New Social House in Caltron _ Mirko Franzoso Architetto
– Hacine Cherifi Gymnasium _ Tectoniques Architects
– Serlachius Museum Extention, Gösta Pavilion _ MX_SI
– Community Church Knarvik _ Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter
– Créteil Cathedral Expansion _ Architecture-Studio
– Elephant House Zoo Zürich _ Markus Schietsch Architekten
– Sognefjellshytta High Mountain Hotel’s New Entrance _ Jensen & Skodvin Architects



Poetic and Practical Possibilities
Wood – Poetic and Practical Possibilities _ Susanne Kennedy

Wood is undergoing a global revival as a construction material, partly due to its status as an unrivaled carbon sequesterer in an age of environmental awareness. Recent architectural projects exemplify its diverse poetic and practical attributes, prompting some to describe timber as the concrete of the 21st century.
Ten civic and community-focused structures, which use regional, native timbers as their signature material will be examined, with particular focus on the characteristics wood bestows on these projects, collectively and individually, and with what degree of sophistication each design references or integrates with the surrounding landscape.
While this striking architectural collection includes places of worship, recreational, civil edifices, each to a greater or lesser extent evokes a sense of stillness, elegance and calm, for their stripped-back material pallets and design approach.
Attention to light, interplay between repetition and diversity, a deft use of glass, manipulation of volumes, and innovative roofing solutions, and employment of the maze concept are some of the methods that have been utilized to facilitate a connection between and discovery of built and natural environments.

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