C3 no.333_1205


− Tower Infinity-Not Seeing is Believing _ GDS Architects
− Aliah Hotel _ Hiperstudio+Arkiz
− New Bauhaus Museum in Weimar _ Menomenopiu Architects
− Cicada _ Casagrande Laboratory

Speed, Ambition and Challenge _ Silvio Carta
− Enzo Ferrari Museum _ Future Systems+Shiro Studio

Spatial from Temporal
Uptodate in outdated factory
Temporal Hybrids: _ Silvio Carta
− Red Bull Music Academy in the Old Madrid Slaughterhouse _ Langarita-Navarro
− IMd Consulting Engineers _ Ector Hoogstad Architecten
− Red Bull New Headquarters _ Sid Lee Architecture
− Conversion Tesa 105 _ Andres Holguin Torres + David R. Morales Hernandez
− Zap’ Ados _ Bang Architectes
− MINO, Migliarino Youth Hostel _ Antonio Ravalli Architetti
− La Fabrique, Creative Machine _ TETRARC

Palimpsest and Complexity
School Extension
Adding on the Modest Monument _ Jorge Alberto Mejia Hernandez
− D.Manuel I Secondary School _ BFJ Arquitectos
− Vila Vicosa High School _ Candido Chuva Gomes Arquitectos
− Francisco de Arruda School _ Jose Neves
− Rattenberg Secondary School _ Daniel Fugenschuh ZT Gmbh
− Bernadotte School Extension _ Tegnestuen Vandkunsten
− Pestalozzi School _ SOMAA + Gabriele Dongus



Speed, Ambition and Challenge _ Silvio Carta

The name Ferrari is immediately associated with the luxury car brand throughout most of the world. In Italy, and especially in the native area of the company’s founder, Enzo Ferrari, the name is also associated with the story of a man whose intelligence and passion for race cars has led to enormous success. The story of the life of Enzo Ferrari is—in fact—a significant example for all aspiring entrepreneurs, serving as a parable of the worldwide success which can eventually come after a lifetime of effort and work toward a single objective. Ferrari began by working in a small car company, and subsequently raced for various stables, until he founded the Scuderia Ferrari racing team in 1929. He passed on at the age of 90 in 1988 after having transformed his small beginnings at Scuderia into a world-renowned brand, winning numerous prizes in international races. Besides several honorary degrees and awards, Ferrari was posthumously appointed to the International Motorsports Hall of Fame, which encompasses those who have contributed significantly to the racing world with their accomplishments, either as race drivers, manufacturers, developers or engineers.



Spatial from Temporal
Uptodate in outdated factory
Temporal Hybrids: _ Silvio Carta

Working with an existing building appears to be particularly interesting for designers. A previous situation often offers significant constraints in terms of space, use of elements or introduction of new parts, but it also requires a watchful eye for important clues as to how to link the new intervention with the past and—sometimes—obtain outstanding results.
The nature of this challenge seemingly becomes quite strong and clear when the previous condition is represented by an abandoned factory. Built in a vanished time, these provide interesting food for thought for the designers asked to bring them new life. The strong presence of the old supporting structure, visible traces of the previous production devices and what is left of the ideas regarding work-space decoration of a former time are amongst the factors that comprise the challenge for the designers of the presented projects.
The new project thus becomes an opportunity to determine a position with regard to the past for the new use and—at the same time—an opportunity to design using old elements in a contemporary way.
The building will be—as a result of the process—a temporal hybrid: suspended between being an old witness of past times, likely with an older view of space and work, and being a representative of a new generation, reclaiming the given space for a new use and working model.



Palimpsest and Complexity
School Extension
Adding on the Modest Monument _ Jorge Alberto Mejia Hernandez

School architecture has evolved as a formal response to a basic human need. The transmission of information ranges from simple geometric and communicational schemes to the sophistication of formal contemporary education – a fundamental component of the complexity of modern societies.
Within this context, school architecture constitutes a key element in the quest for civility, being itself a pedagogic instrument for the exercise of public, political and civic life.
The particular project of adding and transforming pre-existent educational infrastructures reflects the dynamic character of the activity itself, and represents the nature of several basic traits of our social species. Adding on a monument that is paradoxically characterized by its apparent simplicity, a canonical example such as Alejandro de la Sota Martínez’s gym for the Colegio Maravillas, together with the six projects that follow, represent an enlightening approach to the act of sewing delicate seams between the old and the new, within a program that is naturally signed by multiplicity and change.
The dynamic nature of educational infrastructure, a true palimpsest of users and constant formal revisions, is in the end a permanent process of integrating the school into the city.

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C3 no.333_1205




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