C3 no.316_1012


− National Archive Museum in Mexico _ at 103+Alejandro Hernandez G.+Hugo Sanchez
− Guosen Securities Tower _ Massimiliano Fuksas Architetto
− Project Umbrella _ Aleksandra Danielak+Ralph Bertram+Constantin Boincean
− Glorieta Juan Carlos I in Mula _ ESC Studio
− NFU and SZU Technology Park _ Jaeger and Partner Architects+SA_i

Dwell How: New Houses in Portugal
Emerging Trends in Contemporary Portuguese Residential Architecture _ Fabrizio Leoni
− House in Sobral Da Lagoa_ Bak Gordon Arquitectos
− House in Paco de Arcos_ Jorge Mealha
− House in Porto_ Alvaro Leite Siza Vieira
− House in Lagos_ Mario Martins Atelier

Vernacular and Contemporary
a Journey in the Shadow _ Diego Terna
− Hunsett Mill _ ACME
− Restoration of an Alpine Barn _ EXiT Architetti Associati
− To Dialogue with Nature _ Lixiaodong Atelier
− Restaurant at Greenville _ Dream Space Architect+s

Urban How
Building Urban Identity _ Andrea Giannotti
− PH House _ Estudio Borrachia
− Two Houses in Orsara _ Raimondo Guidacci
− School of Music, Arts & Crafts in Chaves _ Contemporanea – Manuel Graca Dias + Egas Jose Vieira Arquitectos
− Cascade Commercial Center_ Radionica Architekture
− Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center_ Cristian Fernandez Arquitectos + Lateral Arquitectura & Diseno
A Living Connective Tissue _ Simone Corda

School: Asserting New Forms
School: Asserting New Forms_ Marta Gonzalez Anton
− The Evelyn Grace Academy in London _ Zaha Hadid Architects
− Secondary School in Rafal _ Grupo Aranea



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C3 no.316_1012




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