C3 no.218_0210


Heyri Prelude _ SungHong Kim+Wook Choi + JongKyu Kim + JunSung Kim
Redefinition of Architecture and Simultaneity of Design Process _ BongRyol Kim
How Can We build a New Cultural Town? _ Hyuk Khang
A Paradigm of a New City _ Sang Lee
Heyri Art Valley Master Plan _ HongKyu Kim
Architectural Guideline _ M.A.R.U. (JongKyu Ki + JunSung Km)

Patch – Bar Type
Community House _ JongKyu Kim + JunSung Kim
HuMyungWon Voidium _ KyungKook Woo
BB Studio _ JongKyu Kim
MA Gallery _ JongKyu Kim
Hans Gallery and Residence _ Helen JuHyun Park
Book Cafe and Residence _ Helen JuHyun Park
YoungSeok Gong’s Studio _ JongHo Lee
Cafe and Gallery _ Wook Choi
Flow-Living · Working Space _ JaeYong Lim
Craft Gallery and Housing _ InChol Kim
System I _ YoungJoon Kim
Sub-Urban House _ Cho Slade Architecture
Pixel House _ Cho Slade Architecture
World Folk Music Instrument Museum _ KwangSoo Kim
Park’s Gallery and Residence _ HaiChul Chang
HanGil Book House _ ShoP+JunSung Kim
Korean Food Research Center and Housing _ InChol Kim
Children’s Bookstore _ SungSik Kim
ibid. _ Hun Kim
Cafe and Residence _ HaiLim Suh
Studio H31-1 _ I Min+Son Jean
Residence and Gallery _ HyungWoo Han
Kang’s Workshop _ EunYoung Yi
Dalki Theme Park _ Cho Slade Architecture + Moongyu Choi

Plate-Object Type
Museum of Architecture _ KyungKook Woo
HanLipToys Toy Gallery _ SungYong Joh
Movie Studio _ Thomas Han + JunSung Kim
InYong Hwang’s Music Space and Gallery _ ByungSoo Cho
Heyri Art School _ Moongyu Choi
Portrait Gallery _ Wook Choi

Patch – Podium Type
ManLin Choi’s Atelier _ AhSa Choi+HunYoung Pak + YoungWook Park
HyangLim House _ KyungKook Woo
J Gallery _ Innami Hiroshi + Wook Choi
Lim Ceramic Gallery _ SeoungWon Choi
Gallery HanGil _ DuNam Choi
House and Book Cafe _ SohnJoo Minn
Ceramic Studio _ ShoP+JunSung Kim
Children’s Art and Eco-Museum _ SohnJoo Minn
HanSook Cheong Memorial _ Moongyu Choi
PoDjaGi Gallery and Jazz Hall _ Florian Beigel + JongKyu Kim

Gate House
Calligraphy School and House _ SohnJoo Minn
Multi-Scape House _ IllKyo Jung+HeeRyoung Park
Family Housing _ IlHoon E.


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C3 no.218_0210




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