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Special Feature I
Aum & Lee Architects Associate’s, Inc.
Korea Energy Management Corporation
HQ., K.E.C.O
Chungmooro Station, Seoul Subway Line 4
National Veteran’s Hospital
HQ. Pusan Daily
Road Traffic Safety Association
YongIn Women’s Custody Center
Kwacheon Catholic Church
Kangnam Church, Wonbulkyo
Kangneung Univ. Gate
Seoul Women’s Univ. Gate
Residence, Pangbaedong
Nowon Station, Seoul Subway Line 4
Annex BLDG. -HQ., Bank of Korea
Korea Trade Center
Olympic Village
Criticism: Enclosures Around the Court and Asymmetrical Symmetry _ Lee InYong
Criticism: Kangnam Church Wonbylkyo and Kwacheon Catholic Church _ JangKiSeng
Eclectic Architects’ Identity _ Kim KyungSoo
View on Architecture _ Kim InCheol
Days With Aum &Lee Architect _ Lee KagPyo
Aum & Lee People _ Se SangHa
Aum & Lee Architects

Special Feature II
Typology in Korean Architecture
Room Next to the Room-Characteristics of Inner Court _ Kim BongRyll
Inner Court and the House _ Ko YoungHoon
Meaning of Court House Viewed Through the Western Architectural History _ Park YoungKi
Traditional Upper-Class’ House and Their Inner Court _ Park EnKon
Court House and Typology of Urban Houses _ Song YongHo
Commoners’ Houses and Inner Court in Rural Area and Urban Community _ Chang SungJun
House in Cheju and Formation of Their Inner Court _ Cho SeongKi
Houses in ChunJoo _ Chang MyngSoo

Paksiwoo Dental Clinic _ Kim ChungEb
Chunjoo Branch, K.E.C.O _ Song KiDeog
Martyr Memorial Church and Monument, Hwangsae Bawi _ Kim Won
Criticism: Giving Myself Up -Kim Won- _ Kim KyungSoo

Modern Architecture
Space in Architecture 3 _ Chang SeungSoo


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C3 no.18_8602




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