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Upon the SNOWY New Years Day _ Kwon HeeYong

Past 40 Years in Separation Full of Transplantation – Over Transition to Progress _ Kim JeongDong

Special Feature I: Unrealized Dream
Design Works by Kim Won
Government Office Building
Pusan City Hall Building
Korean Pavilion, New Delhi Asia Trade Exhibition
Tosan Ahnchang Ho Memorial Park
Basic Design, Kyungki Highschool in Youngdong
Basic Design, Myungdong Bishop Hall, Seoul District Catholic Church
Pahlavi National Library, Tehran
Piseondae Villa, Surak Mt.
Saenamteo Martyr Memorial Church
Kummoon, Renovation Plan
Hyunsukdong Atelier
Dormitory and Guest House, Kyewon Art School
Catholic Theological College and Dormitory
Seochodong Building
Seokyo Hotel
Master Plan, Korea University Campus
Kimpo Building
Olympic Hall
Francesco Education Center and Other Renovation Plan
Younggi Building
Itaewon House
Soonchang Church
Chunghyo-dong Public Hall plan and Other Renovation Plan
Seoul Art Center
Hankang Shopping Center
Mr. Cha’s, Myungryundong
Development Plan For Holy Barron
Sooyoodong Catholic Church
Chungryangni Catholic Church
The Panorama of Saddam’s Qadissiya, Bagdad

Special Feature II 2001 Leads
Architect, Song Kwangsub
Professor P’s, Panpodong
Mr’s Pangbaedong
Renovation Ecole Coffee Shop
W·Building, Pangbaedong
Korea Association of Registered Architects
Architect Song KwangSub

Shin Won Building _ Park YoungHo
Criticism: Gold Building _ Chag KiSung
Dinning Hall, Gold Star Pyungtaek Factory _ Kansam Architects
Welfare Facility Building, Gold Star Pyungtaek Factory _ Kansam Architects
As a User: Spacefull of Hope for Tomorow _ Chun OkNam
Criticism: Architect and the Real World _ Kim KyungSoo

At the Judging Committee _ Ahn YoungBae

Looking Forward to Tomorrow _ Sung InSoo

Modern Architecture
Space in Architecture 2


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C3 no.17_8601




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