AZULIK Uh May and IK LAB (C3 no.402)


Roth (Eduardo Neira)

C3 no.402 / pp.214-225 (12 pages)



AZULIK Uh May and IK LAB _ Roth (Eduardo Neira)

Q.R., Mexico, 2018

Ecologically inspired, capturing the soul of the Yucatan Peninsula jungle
Inspired by the abundant natural environment and the rich heritage of the local Mayan culture, AZULIK Uh May is a multifaceted and flexible complex, in the heart of the jungle of the Yucatan Peninsula. AZULIK Uh May encompasses an array of creative spaces, including an innovative art space, a lab dedicated to fashion and design, an arts and crafts school, a state of the art recording studio as well as residencies for artists and innovative thought leaders from a diverse range of fields. […]