[Essay] After Nature (C3 no.405)


Bart Lootsma

C3 no.405 pp.10-13 (4 pages)



After Nature _ Bart Lootsma

[…] Architectural theory investigates the history of architectural treatises, as well as the actual conditions in which architecture is produced, be it social, cultural or technological. Theory criticizes, makes suggestions, and proposes changes for architecture’s contemporary and future development. In our studios at the University of Innsbruck, where we apply an educational model that has more in common with teaching architectural design than with
the human or social sciences, students mainly work on books and present the layouts on a wall. … Visual images – still, moving and increasingly 3D-printed – play as important a role as text. Plan, section and elevation still form the primary language of architecture, with renderings and animations increasingly important in the generation of ideas, and communicating these ideas to larger audiences.