[Essay] Abstinence vs. Excess (C3 no.403)


Mannyoung Chung

C3 no.403 pp.14-23 (8 pages)


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Abstinence vs. Excess _ Mannyoung Chung

In this issue, C3 introduces the most recent works of three Korean architects. ‘Hayang Muhakro Church’ – which, in the words of its architect Seung, H-Sang, “was built as a church that allowed us to reflect on ourselves and communicate with God by leaving only the most essential things”; ‘Guest House Geojedo’ – by Byoungsoo Cho, who said that it contains his belief in the land and his implicit story about sustainable architecture; and ‘Paju Gardenus’ – which reinterprets the elements of courtyard, concrete pavilion, and low wooden bench (Pyeongsang), and, as its architect Heesoo Kwak said, “serves as a mutually convenient place for those who want to use the architectural space for public use, and those who want to pursue profit-making activities.” […]